Design Build

J.M. Brown is a design / build company that focuses primarily on commercial and industrial projects. Our company harvests a community of creative and crafty architects who know how to not only design, but also implement the building of structurally sound storage units, garages and other buildings. The design / build method J.M. Brown employs is a holistic approach to project building and management. Instead of hiring someone to come up with a design and then bidding for contractors to build it, J.M. Brown does all of the work, saving you time and money in the long run. The key to our success has been the value we place on working partnerships between designers, contractors and business owners. We help customers design their structures from the inside out, taking care of interior and exterior features as well as site development, space planning, renderings and elevations. Everything we build is ADA compliant.

Pre-construction Planning

The decision to expand your business can yield great revenue increases. Hiring a design / build company like J.M. Brown to oversee your expansion project is a safe investment. During the pre-construction phase, we prepare conceptual estimates, obtain all necessary permits and create a strict schedule. The process is completely transparent and thorough, as changes in schedules and materials during the building phase can greatly increase costs. Our designers have a sharp eye for detail and will carefully plan and discuss every aspect of construction before starting to build. We charge reasonable prices and will work with customers based on their budget, and we can offer cost-saving suggestions during the design process.


The engineers who work for J.M. Brown have a deep understanding of the environmental forces that affect buildings, such a heavy snow and rain. They take extreme care in the building not only to appease government mandated building codes, but they also want our customers to be safe and satisfied. We hold our engineers to the highest professional and quality standards. Our engineers take care of all electrical, plumbing and mechanical logistics in your project.

Site Prep

One of the most important steps in the design / build process is preparing the site. Our team has access to earth moving equipment and provides land clearing, excavation, demolition and grading. We build on strong concrete foundations and can equip your site to support electrical utilities and septic systems.


Our masonry work includes pre-engineered steel and wood framed buildings. Building interiors are finished to your liking, including carpentry, to make sure your employees and customers are satisfied. We keep our costs down by managing our time efficiently, while still maintaining an impeccable customer service record. Unlike large construction companies with thousands of employees, our design / build company is a small operation of highly experienced and talented construction professionals who we know are the best at what they do. Our few subcontractors are heavily scrutinized for their professionalism and the quality of their work.

Before you consider adding on to or creating your business, contact J.M. Brown for your design / build needs. Let us show you why our design / build model produces the best, most cost efficient results.

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