Each commercial building renovation project must be planned and executed carefully. Our project manager will communicate with you throughout each phase of the project. Coordination ensures we can progress through the project with minimum disruption to your business activities. Time is money and without competent workers, you can lose both.


J.M. Brown understands the challenges associated with maintaining a commercial building. A constant flow of customers in a retail space, material handling equipment in a warehouse facility and community usage of a recreational center takes its toll. After a period of time, your business facility becomes worn and tattered.

With the assistance of our skilled commercial building renovations experts, your place of business can receive a fresh new look. Choose J.M. Brown today to restore your building’s best features.


Maybe you want a new look for the exterior of a commercial building. If so, J.M. Brown will rejuvenate your place of business with premium materials. Not only will you have a facility that looks good, but we ensure construction results that can brave outdoor elements.

Our 16 plus years of experience enables us to select the best materials to match with skilled labor for optimal results. We add value to your business investment as well as improve its appearance and function.

We are a bonded and insured company. Satisfaction is guaranteed when you hire J.M. Brown. Our staff promises professional and personal attention to your renovations project.


J.M. Brown has joined the environmentally conscious community to meet the increasing demand for high-efficiency, responsible buildings. We want to offer our clients sustainable designs that are good for business and the environment. By adopting the LEED rating system established by the United States Green Building Council, J.M. Brown will ensure that renovations satisfy the certifying process for energy efficiency.

• Office renovations – based on the proper layout for your business needs, we work with you to develop a sustainable office environment.

• Distribution centers – keep logistics flowing with reduced costs for a safe work environment.

• Retail shops – whether you are changing locations or want to revive current space, we can offer efficient construction that maintains an aesthetic appeal.


Commercial renovation projects can be challenging experiences for business owners. Typically, issues can arise that transcend the process on paper. That is why J.M. Brown assigns a professional project manager to every job with a watchful eye. Our clients deserve and expect the best from a competent team of workers.

J.M. Brown understands that most clients need to continue operating while we complete the renovations. Your business is important to us. Therefore, we will manage the renovation process will minimal interruption to your business operations.

We also believe in the importance of planning and implementation to keep every renovation project on schedule and within budget.

If you are looking to renovate your commercial building, look no further than J.M. Brown. Our team of experts will transform your existing commercial steel or wood building into a functional place of business. Let J.M. Brown discover the best practical solution to renovate the facility based on your business needs.

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